Name: Luke Francis Vibert
Birth: January 26, 1973
Birthplace: Redruth, Cornwall, England, UK

Alias': Wagon Christ, Luke Vibert, Plug, Butler Keiv, Ace of Clubs, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District, Spac Hand Luke

Random Info:

Vibert's first musical output was in a variety of bands, including a punk act called Five Minute Fashion and later a Beastie Boys-esque group called the Hate Brothers, but he quickly moved into the low-cost environment of solo electronic composition. Although Vibert originally had no intention of ever releasing any of the work, his reputation as a creative young voice in his field has created a demand for his work.

Vibert originally became involved in electronic music through his interest for hip-hop as well as the environment of bedroom experimentalism associated with the swelling late-'80s UK dance scene. Luke and a friend, Jeremy Simmonds, released an album through the Rephlex label under the name of Vibert/Simmonds which caught the ear of Caspar Pound's Rising High music label. As a result of the popularity of the style in the early 90's, the label commissioned an ambient music album from Vibert, who delivered the well-received Phat Lab Nightmare under the alias Wagon Christ in 1994.  His first solo release was in 1994 as Wagon Christ he contributed the track 'Gas Fish' to the 'Volume 9' compilation.
Since then, Luke has put records out on Rephlex, Ninja Tune, Virgin/Astralwerks, Law & Auder, Rising High, Blue Planet/Blue Angel, Nothing, Cooking Vinyl, Planet Mu, Electro Bunker Cologne, Mo' Wax, and his tracks have appeared on countless compilations on tons of other labels.

I found this track on [fill in random file sharing service], but it's not in the discography, what is it?

It could be a track from the Studio Sessions or from one of many compilation appearances...or it could be a fake. Some common titles for 'Studio Sessions' tracks I've found are:

-Plug in the Headphones
-Vidden Session
-Drunk Bloke
-Tick Tock
-Piano Playa Hata 2
-Phat Street

or, if the track is titled 'There is not enough space in this track', it is an out take from Tally Ho! recorded from Luke's radio appearance on KISS FM prior to the release of the record. This version has Luke talking over the begining and end of the track.

What's Luke's connection to __________?

-Aphex Twin : Luke and Richard are good friends. They're both from Cornwall. Luke remixed Aphex's 'Ventolin' and Aphex returned the favor by remixing 'Spotlight'. They've also toured together and Luke has released a few albums on Richard's label, Rephlex.

-Squarepusher : They are also good friends. Luke remixed Squarepusher's 'Shin Triad' and Tom played bass on the Vibert/Cole track 'Tom n' Us'.

-U-Ziq : Mike Paradinas is the head of the Planet Mu label that released the '95-99' and 'Homewerk' EPs as well as 'Lover's Acid'. They also toured together.

-BJ Cole : If you have to ask, you don't deserve to know. I'll give you a hint.

-Cylob : Luke remixed his song 'Rewind' for the Planet Mu All-Stars 'Criminal' EP.

-Kid 606 : You had to ask, didn't you? Kid 606 (Miguel) did a track called 'Luke Vibert Can Kiss My Indie Punk Whiteboy Ass' on his album 'Down With The Scene'. The song is not a dis to Luke, as many thought. Miguel sampled a Plug track (Military Jazz) without permission, the title was a sort of a 'go ahead and sue me, i don't give a shit' type of deal. They played together in Los Angeles in 2001.

-Sneaker Pimps : Plug and Aphex Twin toured the US/Canada with them in 1997.

-The Artful Dodger : Luke mixed/remixed his track 'Re Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)' for the 'Criminal' EP. See also - Cylob

-Nine Inch Nails : Luke remixed the track 'The Perfect Drug' for Trent. Reznor's label Nothing Records released the Plug album 'Drum n' Bass for Papa' in the US.

-Meat Beat Manifesto : Besides being labelmates on Nothing Rec. Luke has remixed 3 of their tracks, 'Asbestos Lead Aspestos', 'Radio Babalon pt. 1' and 'Radio Babalon pt. 2'.